The Foes of Fern

Watermark Concert Series: Lake Champagne and The Foes of Fern

By Kaitlyn Inderwies, English 2022

On February 27th, Asbury Park Presents held an online live concert stream to raise funds for Asbury Park Music Lives, a local music foundation working to support aspiring young musicians.

Lake Champagne opened with their new release, “Leave Me Alone.” The pleasant vocals of frontwoman Alix Gagliastro were accompanied by guitarist Ryan Doyle to give a fantastic acoustic performance of soft indie rock. Following their three-song opening, the leading band stepped up to the stage for an entirely unique and electrifying experience.

The Foes of Fern, also hailing from Asbury Park, came in with an entrance, introducing themselves with their own self-made and quirky commercial – Mad Max style. Like Lake Champagne, The Foes also got the opportunity to showcase their latest release, Carpe Diem, delivering a whole new side of indie rock.

Still, despite their wildly different approaches to the genre, Lake Champagne’s soft acoustic rock was a perfect opener for the heavier sounds of The Foes of Fern, each doing their local town proud. Not to mention The Foes widely entertaining, but all-in-good-fun, battle of the bands.

In this year-long era of social distancing, it’s hard to do things like going to concerts. However, virtual events like Watermark’s ongoing series provides an excellent alternative. Not to mention the added benefit of supporting New Jersey’s local artists.

Check out Telegraph Hill Record’s YouTube channel for a recording of this stream along with many more local artists.